Events at The Arbors Assisted Living in Greenfield Massachusetts

Summer Fun at The Arbors

We have been very busy this summer! Many of us enjoy the weekly scenic walking groups around Franklin County, especially when we stop and get a ice cream afterwards. Choc-oh-lat, a calf from "Our Family Farms" came to visit while we had milk shakes in the courtyard, we have had a picnic at Unity Park, and a friend brought in her chick's for all of us. We are still trying to solve the issue of which came first....the chicken or the egg?

Japanese Week & Doshisha Elemntary School Visits From Kyoto Japan

Japanese Week put us in high gear for the students that are coming to visit later in the week.We learned Orgami, Suminagashi painting, dined on Japanese cuisine, and toured the sights of Japan (right from our livingroom!) 

We had a spectacular time with the elementary school children that came to visit all the way from Kyoto, Japan. The students sang songs for us, brought handmade picture books about themselves & thier families to share, made rice paper banners with Japanese sayings on them, and hand made kaleidoscopes for the residents to keep.

Bridge of Flowers

Residents enjoyed our walking group at The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne. The weather was great and a creamy afterwards was the perfect ending to a perfect day!